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KEKWA (Kongsi Cocktail Box)

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Product Description

The Kekwa is inspired from the Chrysanthemum flower which has been depicted in centuries of art for is beauty and famed tea for it's medicinal properties. Our Kekwa is made using young Hangzhou white chrysanthemum flowers from Zhejiang Province, China famed for its slight honey like  aroma. The light & aromatic tea softens the malty edges of the Monkey Shoulder whisky while the Goji berries and Ginger Ale enhances the sweetness of the tea.

Each box serves 5-6 cocktails & includes:
1 x 250ml Bottle of Monkey Shoulder Whisky
1 x 250ml Bottle of Crafted Kekwa Cordial
2 x 320ml Cans of Ginger Ale
1 x 100ml Measuring Cup